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  • Good, But There’s Definitely Room For Improvement

    By chuckdude
    The book is clearly designed well, and the included interactive widgets are great for illustrating how CSS transforms are applied both in code and visually. Well done! The biggest problem I had with this book, though, was the writing. While Vicki might be well-versed in CSS and Safari technologies, she could really use an editor. The text was clumsy and passive in many places, and that could be cleaned up with little effort. Also, the video included in the book lacked a narrative voiceover. Once the video is open and in a different view, there’s no way to connect what’s going on in the video with the surrounding content. If you’re looking for something that covers the very basics of CSS transforms, this book will be of use, but if you’re looking for something that’s more in-depth or advanced, this book won’t serve you well. (That said, there’s room for improvement to take this from a three- to a five-star book, IMHO.)
  • Lucid, concise, elegant.

    By misterdham
    This is a great book that presents a complex topic clearly. The interactive examples are very helpful.
  • The definitive guide!

    By Timothy Hatcher
    Vicki knows her stuff and disseminates it well in this thorough book. Be sure to also get the sequel — CSS Animation: An Interactive Guide — to see how to animate transforms and other stuff with CSS.
  • Transformed my learning of CSS

    By Hao Do
    The best iBook on CSS Transforms ever! Great instructional design and layout. Killer iBook for Mac OS X & iPad.
  • Awesome

    It is so nice to learn with a format like this. I wish every technical book was crafted with this much care.
  • Simple and accurate

    By BradyRope
    The best kind of resource. Simple, straightforward, and accurate. A good introduction, and a handy reference to keep around.
  • Informative

    By mully007
    Straight forward and easy to read. I’m just learning CSS and found this really helpful.
  • Insanely Great!

    By fichek
    I expected this to be a great book considering its author’s experience and love for web technologies, but my expectations were greatly exceeded. It’s beautiful, well written and full of great tips, but it’s also an amazing interactive demo of not just CSS transforms, but of what ebook can look/work like too. You should download this book and play with it even if you are not interested in its topic!
  • Playful and powerful!

    By sfdavez
    The attention to detail is amazing and fun. Take the time to explore the interactive features in this book. You'll certainly smile at what CSS can do.
  • Solid eBook gold for modern web people

    By TheWindIsRising
    This is an exquisite example of why multitouch and ePub 3 books were invented. Beautiful, clear, comprehensive, interactive and better presented here than in the multitude of places on the web you can go to piece this knowledge together. This is the first next-gen eBook that really trumped other media fir utility for me, in a sense, being in itself a killer app. If you are a web dev or want to be, this 4 dollars is simply essential. Ms. Murley has always been a key resource for us, like an angel at WWDC and in the forums, introducing and clarifying the latest, greatest powers of webkit over and over. She brought the fire and taught us how to cook. This is where she takes that same ball and hits it out of the park. Most of this I already know, but getting to understand it took so long. Even so, in 2 minutes, I still learned new things in this book! Insanely great!